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Angelita Martinez

From Former Student to Future Board Member

My Story

I was born in Passaic, NJ to a single mother who only spoke and understood spanish, so I understand first hand the challenges of being a first generation American, and having to learn English as a third language. I wasn't able to speak and understand english proficiently until I was in the third grade. However, I did not let this setback affect my education. Eventually, my family moved down to Willingboro and I was fortunate enough to attend Levitt Middle School. After graduating from Levitt, I attended BCIT where I studied Pre-engineering, and excelled at my academics and continued my education at The United States Military Academy at West Point, where I majored in Mechanical Engineering. However, I was unable to commission and I returned home to Willingboro to rediscover the next steps in my life.


Since graduating, I have obtained another degree in Physics from Rowan University, all while working as a mechanical engineer. Currently, I was chosen by my company leadership to be a part of a leadership development program to become Director of Operations at my respective plant.


Upon returning home from college, I realized that myself, and many of my peers, felt that we were not adequately prepared for college. For many of us, we were playing "catch up" with our peers who came from better sending districts. I am running for school board in order to ensure that every child who leaves the Willingboro School District is adequately prepared for college, the military, trade school, or whatever else life throws at them. 

"I was in top 3% of my graduating class at BCIT, and school always came easy to me, so I thought I would excel in college the same way I had in all my honors classes. It wasn't until I started taking my college classes that I realized how unprepared I was for college. It was a rude awakening and an immense struggle having to 'play catch up' with all my classmates who had access to better education. I felt completely unprepared... Willingboro schools are filled with immense young talent and potential and I want to make sure that each student leaves the Willingboro school system knowing they are fully prepared for the next chapter in their life."

Angelita Martinez

Giving Back to the Community

I have always had a passion for service and giving back to my community. My passion for service is what drove me into the Army as a cadet at West Point. This passion for service followed me as I transitioned into a civilian and I began to volunteer in various organizations. I am currently the Digital Communications Director for the New Jersey Young Democrats. I am also the Communications Chair for the Willingboro Democratic Club. Additionally, I sit on the Willingboro Library Board of Trustees, where I help support event promotion and fundraising efforts for our town's public library. My involvement in the Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) advisory committee for Habitat for Humanity of South Central Jersey further showcases my dedication to supporting my local community. Also, I am a member of the New Jersey Federation of Democratic Women - Burlington County and am an Emerge - New Jersey Class of 2022 graduate.


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